Equus 3030 Review Roundup – Innova OBDII Diagnostic Code Reader

equus 3030

Perfect entry-level scanner...

The Equus 3030 OBD II auto reader has been a popular choice among motorists, mechanics and auto enthusiasts mainly thanks to its economical price. However, this engine code reader offers more than an entry-level OBDII scanner with its built in LED display and other features. While the price and features of the Equus 3030 may be admired, one question remains – is it any good? We take a look below to find out exactly that from real user reviews of the Equus 3030.

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Equus 3030 Reviews

At the time of writing the Equus 3030 had 212 customer reviews. Rate from a total of 5 the average score is 4.4 – very respectable indeed. 142 (67%) of those awarded the 3030 scanner 5 stars, while 41 (19%) gave 4 stars. That’s a total of 86% of users giving 4 stars and above.

Judging by the Equus 3030 reviews, this particular device seems suited as an all-rounder auto scanner for the novice or pro user. The 3030 can be used on all post-1996 cars, light trucks and SUV’s and includes an all-in-one LED screen for quick emissions checks and engine light warning details.

The general consensus from users is that the Equus 3030 is simple to use and reads engine trouble easily. Many people suggest this is an ideal entry-level OBDII scan tool, yet others believe it is the only scanner they will ever need. Let’s look at some of the pleased reviewer comments…

“Paid for itself instantly!”

“With today’s car electronics, there is no other reasonable way to diagnose trouble…”

“Future Proof…”

“Inexpensive OBDII/CAN code reader works as advertised…”

“Very good OBDII CAN compliant scanner for the money…”

The above are typical comments from satisfied customers awarding the Equus 3030 the majority four or five stars. Overall the device seems great if you just want a scan tool that works with no frills or complications. Some even suggest that this is an ideal replacement for the more expensive OBD II readers:

“This is all you need ! Don’t buy the more expensive unit unless you have to…”

“Start saving by buying this unit and not the more expensive ones…”

So far so good, but what about the people that were not so impressed by the Equus 3030? What were there complaints?

Well a few people encountered compatibility issues like this person below…

“I purchased this scanner and hooked it up to my Subaru 2002 forester. It didn’t work. When I called the company, they immediately knew of the problem, and told me I would need to ship the code reader back to them to have the chip re-programmed…”

It seems on rare occasions (or rare models of cars) the Equus 3030′s software needs updating. This could cause inconvenience if the unit needs to be sent back to the manufacturer. Another person also had an issue with the software:

“I was forced to take the engine codes provided by the device and google them outside of the device’s software package…”

Luckily for the Equus, the comments above are in the vast minority and overall the reviews suggest that customer satisfaction is well above average. People seem very happy with the level of userability, features, price and build quality of the Equus 3030 auto scanner.

Customer Rating:

4.4 out of 5 starsClick here for the latest rating and user reviews…

Equus 3030 Features

- Reads Check Engine light warnings on any 1996 and newer car, light truck, or SUV.
- Unique patented all-in-one screen display and LED display for quick emissions check.
- Easily retrieves OBD II DTCs from your vehicle’s computer.
- Automatic refresh updates data every 30 seconds when connected to the vehicle.

[The quotes used above are from real users of the Equus 3030 OBDII scanner - Source]