Actron CP9580 Review Roundup – Trilingual OBD II, CAN and ABS Auto Scanner

Actron CP9580

A more serious auto scanner...

While the Autel Maxiscan MS300 and ElmScan 5 engine scanners are the biggest sellers in the auto scanner world, they are both relatively basic, entry level scanners. The Actron CP9580 is a much more serious device and could really be considered the best selling advanced scan tool.

The Actron CP9580 is more of a choice for real motor enthusiasts. Those maybe in the profession as a mechanic or somebody who really loves their cars and wants to be able to check engine trouble with a trilingual OBD II, CAN and ABS device.

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Actron CP9580

The majority of users found their experience with the Actron CP9580 a very good one. Though this currently costs about $100 more than the MS300 and Elmscan, it does considerably more than those models and is still very good value when you consider your alternative is paying a mechanic hundreds of dollars just to turn off your engine warning light let alone fix it.

44 out of 58 reviewers of the Actron CP9580 awarded the auto scanner 4 or 5 stars (30 gave 5 stars) and only 14 gave 3 or below. This gave an average of 4.1 stars out of 5 and an overall ‘satisfied’ rating. Let’s see what people thought of the Actron CP9580 in their reviews…

Actron CP9580 – The Good

“Best DIY Scanner on the Market…”

“Paid for Itself in One Use…”

“This scanner is head and shoulders above it’s competition…”

“Definitely worth the $$$…”

“This worked perfectly as advertised…”

“A great scan tool for late model cars!”


Actron CP9580 - The Not So Good

“I hope Actron actually tests the next version of their driver software before releasing it…”

“Good stand-alone, but forget PC connection…”

“Nice product if you do not need to connect to a PC or update with a new vehicle…”

As you can see the reason why some people awarded a 3 star rating is because they had trouble with the bundled Actron CP9580 software. Of course all electronic devices are prone to this as most people have different PC set-ups etc. It is best to check before making a purchase that both your computer is compatible with the device, the manufacturer has a good support service and that your particular model car can be scanned for OBD II, CAN or ABS (i.e. Post 1996 US).

In general people loved the advanced features, the backlit LCD display and the ease of use that the Actron CP9580 offered and used the device trouble free. Click the link below to read more user reviews of the Actron CP9580.

Customer Rating:

4.1 out of 5 starsSee complete ratings and all user reviews here…

Actron CP9580 Features

- Generic and manufacturer specific code definitions on screen and trilingual support.
- With CodeConnect quickly pinpoint and prioritize the solution not just the code, providing 3 million verified fixes specific to the vehicle’s make, model, year and engine.
- Compatible with OBD-II and CAN vehicles 1996 and newer and includes domestic ABS code coverage, record and playback data stream and on screen graphing.
- Custom data list for live data and graph live data.
- Additional advance features such as freeze frame data, drive cycle mode, state OBD check and print data support.

[The quotes used above are from real users of the Actron CP9580 auto scanner - Source]

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