ElmScan 5 Compact Review Roundup – USB OBD-II Scan Tool

elmscan 5

Simple but effective!

The Elmscan 5 compact OBD II scanner has become the most popular in it’s price range with exception to the┬áMaxiscan MS300. Like the Autel MS300, this engine diagnostic tool and software is aimed at the cost-conscious buyer and is currently priced at only $38.95.

Considering one scan at your local auto garage can set you back over $100 the Elmscan 5 seems pretty good value right? Let’s take a look at what other users thought of their purchase with the Elmscan 5 Compact in our review roundup below. You can also check the main features of this CAN, OBD-II, EOBD and JOBD auto scanner below too.

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ElmScan 5 Compact

At the time of writing, 86 Elmscan 5 customers had reviewed the product giving it an average of 4 out of 5 stars. 37 people gave 5 stars, 24 gave 4 stars and the rest 3 or below.

Overall people seemed happy with the Elmscan 5′s performance and ability to be able to read and reset most engine check lights in vehicles made from 1996 onwards. Not only that but the general consensus was that it is easy to use but quite basic – a ‘no frills’ OBD II scanner basically.

“Great Deal For The Money…”

“Simple and easy to use OBD Scanner…”

“Very effective scan tool – great value…”

“Works great – no need to buy an expensive tool…”

The comments above are typical of the majority of user reviews for the Elmscan 5, however some people were not impressed with how slow the product was in reading engine trouble…

“Slow. The refresh rate is at best 1-3 updates per second when reading OBD2 values…”

Another negative with the auto scanner is not very accurate fuel mileage calculations as this person testified…

“Fuel mileage calculations with included software is woefully optimistic…”

Negative points like the above are certainly in the minority in people’s reviews of the Elmscan 5. Customer satisfactions seems high with thanks to the features and ability of the scanner to read and clear over 7000 codes as well as view, freeze frame and turn off engine lights potentially saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars to motorists.

Customer Rating:

4.0 out of 5 starsSee complete ratings and all user reviews here…

ElmScan 5 Features

elmscan 5 software

Software stats...

- Works with all 1996+ model year cars and light trucks.
- Supports all OBD protocols and systems, including CAN, OBD-II, EOBD and JOBD.
- Easy to install and use. Installation CD contains drivers, diagnostic software, user documentation, and videos.
- No need to buy separate software! OBDwiz diagnostic software ($30 value) is included in price. Read and clear trouble codes (database has over 7000 trouble codes), turn off Check Engine light, view Freeze Frame. Display, record, and graph 90+ real-time parameters. Calculate MPG (fuel mileage).

[The quotes used above are from real users of the ElmScan 5 code reader - Source]